First Impression: Someone Says I’m Cheerful

On Sunday, I went to a weekly English discussion forum in a library. The topic was “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.” Yes, we talk about judgement, or in this case, first impression. 

Talking about first impression is a little complicated. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it deceives you. I usually keep my first impression for myself and try to learn more about the person before making my “final judgement.”

When it comes to the “cover,” I think I never care much about what someone wears. How someone talks and what they talk about influence my judgement more than their appearance does.

Anyway, at the end of the meeting, the conductor made us play a little game. She gave each of us a piece of paper with a name of fellow discussion participant written on it. We had to write our first impression of that person. After that, we collected the paper in a can (so the writer remained anonymous) and were given back the paper with our own names on it. 

I got the paper and read, “She is, I think, cheerful because she always smile. Further character, I don’t know 🙂 ” I was surprised reading that because I don’t see myself as a cheerful person and I don’t always smile. I even have the indifferent emoticon face. I guess it was because I loved being in that library so I looked happy, even cheerful there. 

Note to self: place influences impression.

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