Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy (and Some Courtesy)

When I was in middle school, Sweet Raindrop (not her real name) showed me the lyrics of “Build God then We’ll Talk” by Panic! At The Disco. Here is a link to the song. I give the link to their “Live in Denver” performance instead of their official music video because: 1. the official music video contains “Porno Mime” and not everyone is comfortable to watch it, 2. Ryan Ross sang some lines in that live version and his voice was damn fine. 
The first time I read the lyrics, I said, “Whoa, it’s more like a story than a song.” The song tells a story of substandard motels on the corner of 4th and Fremont Street with wonderful caricature of intimacy inside. I had the habit of singing the line, “Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy” when I had to meet fake friends or attend an event that made me uncomfortable. I knew those fake friends and event participants weren’t so “wonderful” as the people in the song but still, I felt the need to sing that line.
As I grew up, that habit disappeared. Perhaps because I didn’t have to attend “event that made me uncomfortable” so often as before. However, now that I’m in my fangirl phase over Panic! At The Disco, that habit occurs again. The only difference is that I don’t sing it aloud. 
It happened a while ago when my mother told me to be courteous so I can keep myself away from trouble. That was difficult. Not that I’m a rude person. I just act aloof when someone makes me uneasy. However, my mom told me to be courteous. What?! Why? How? Then that one line from the song was played in the back of my mind.
In “A Clash of King,” it is said that Septa Mordane used to tell Sansa that a lady’s armor is courtesy. Sansa took that advice and she stayed alive in King’s Landing. I didn’t expect my mother would give me the same advice as Septa Mordane. 
I’m not a tenant in substandard motel on the corner of 4th and Fremont Street. My situation is much safer than Sansa Stark’s in “A Clash of King”. I don’t mind some courtesy, either. I’m just not ready to be a lady with proper armor.

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