What Should I Write? (2)

I shared my previous post in WordPress Community Pool and lilypup said that the post left her hanging. She asked, “What sort of topics are you thinking of? Have professors suggested anything? Is there any area you feel passionate about?” I think about psychiatry and physiology. The professors don’t suggest me anything. I’m passionate about psychiatry, ear, and reproductive health. Since I like psychiatry and a friend suggested me to write about it, let’s talk about psychiatry.

I have been interested in psychiatry even before I enter medical school. I’m also interested in neurology but let’s save it for another post.

If I have to write a thesis on psychiatry, I consider writing about depression, anxiety, or ADD. I’m interested in depression because sometimes people don’t realise that they’re depressed. Anxiety sounds good to write since everyone has experience with it. I also want to know more about ADD because my close friends diagnose me with ADD.

What do you think? Whom should I get data from?

29 thoughts on “What Should I Write? (2)

  1. i don’t know much about your field but wouldn’t it be difficult to find volunteers for your studies? I know that many people won’t admit out loud that they suffer depression.

    But this is an interesting area of study indeed.

    • If you do research in psychiatry, the question won’t be so direct like, “Are you depressed recently?” It will be like, “Do you have difficulty on sleeping? etc etc.”

      • Well, I know that much. My MBA dissertation was about corporate insider trading, I have to be VERY subtle

  2. Anxiety is good since I have social anxiety disorder. Perhaps, you can cooperate with some psychology consultation offices if you want to collect data about psychiatry which is very close to psychology, I think. :/

  3. I have a bias for Neurology. But it’s got some overlap with Psychiatry anyway, especially at the neurotransmitter level. So you can always write about both. 😉
    But this is your blog, YOUR space, so you can write about anything, be it about how your day went or whatever strikes your fancy, medicine-related or not. 😎

    • In this post, I talk about what I should write in my thesis. I can’t write neurology because there are basic things in neurology that I haven’t understood.
      I guess I can write about neurotransmitter both in this blog or my thesis. Thank you for your suggestion.

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