Clumsy and Awkward: My Experience with Child Patients

I’m the first and only child. It means that I don’t have younger sibling. It also means that I don’t have a lot of experience with kids.

I often feel clumsy and awkward around kids. And today, my friends and I had to try to examine children in “Puskesmas” (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat – Center of Community Health). If you know the proper English word for Puskesmas, please let me know.

Examining child younger than 5 years old is more difficult than examining adult. For example, we’re told to examine respiratory rate and check the lung sound if the kid coughs or has difficulty breathing. The problem is, when I put my stethoscope on the kid’s chest, he or she starts crying. Not only crying, they may move to avoid me. I also met a kid who was okay with us but he can’t stand still so we couldn’t measure his height.

To make conclusion: I failed to examine properly.

9 thoughts on “Clumsy and Awkward: My Experience with Child Patients

  1. A little bit of advice, if you have Indonesian abbreviation name, don’t try to translate it to Indonesian as much as possible. It sounds weird sometimes haha :p.
    Actually, if I were still a medical student, I would get the worst score of doing that.

  2. My son is perfectly healthy, and yet when he cries, it becomes a guessing game for me. As it is, dealing with very young children is difficult enough because of their limited vocabulary. How much more daunting it is for sick children who are scared and in pain?!

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