What Should I Write?

I’m in my third year of medical school and soon I’m going to write a “skripsi”. How do you call it in English? Thesis? Dissertation? Paper?

I haven’t decided what I should write yet. 

I spent two years of medical school in “darkness” so I don’t know which field is interesting or easy to write. Some fields are interesting to learn but painful to write. Others are not interesting to learn but easy to write.

I guess I should read first.

29 thoughts on “What Should I Write?

  1. It’s called “thesis” in English. In Indonesian, “thesis” itself is used to call our master degree final assignment.
    I suggest you should read more about Psychiatric as that is my favorite subject in medicine LOL :p

  2. Hey,
    Hope you’re doing well!
    I am not from science so I am unable to help you here. But I want to give you an idea:)
    Write on something you think you wouldn’t need your textbooks for! Like something that interests you and can be purely in your language (not in bookish language).

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