Three Titles

I once said that I had no idea about what I should write in my thesis. I also stated that I considered writing psychiatry. However, I had to submit three titles to be validated.

I have submitted the three titles.

At first, the only idea that came to my mind was a thesis talking about internet addiction. I still had to find two more titles.

I then read that many senior students pick anxiety as thesis subject so I considered anxiety. My friend said, “Why don’t you choose ADD (attention deficit disorder) instead of anxiety. We both seemed to experience ADD so it would be more interesting.” I then decided to choose anxiety. 

I got two titles.

The third titles just came to my mind when I remembered once a penpal told me to exercise more so that I didn’t experience sleeping problem. My third title is about exercise and sleep.

Now I just wait to know which of those titles is validated.


5 thoughts on “Three Titles

  1. If I would have to choose, the second and third sound more interesting, especially the third one.

    But I think that many people on the internet have ADD since their attention can be easily diverted by those stupid memes, videos and hollow tweets 🙂

  2. Oh, and one of your research hypothesis for the second can be “The popularity of the internet is negatively correlated with attention span.” 😀

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