Voronezh or Sarov

“I’ve always wanted to visit Russia,” I told the Russian scientist.

“You have nothing to do in Russia.”

“I want to watch ballet in Bolshoi. Seriously.”

“Eheu! Ballet in theatre. Red square. **** that. If you want to visit Russia, go to Voronezh or Sarov.”

“What can I do in Voronezh or Sarov?”

“Drink bad beer, smoke a cigarette, and start hating the world.”

“I neither drink beer or smoke but I can take part on that ‘hating the world’ “

“You will start when you arrive in Voronezh.”



  • The conversation above actually happened between a Russian friend and me. I searched for Voronezh and Sarov in Google and I found that Voronezh looks like typical European city while Sarov, as Wikipedia said, is closed as it is the Russian centre for nuclear research. If you have ever visited or even lived in Voronezh, could you please tell me why my friend said that way about the city?
  • “Eheu!” is Latin word which means “Alas!” or “Oh my God!” (according to Google translate and my friend).
  • Just in case you know me in real life and worry about my health, I feel the need to state this once again. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcoholic beverage.

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