Sunday Morning, 11 a.m

The prompt today is “jangle“. I didn’t know the meaning so I looked up Oxford dictionary online. They also give sentence example, “Ryan stood on the terrace jangling his keys.” So I think I would just continue that sentence.

Ryan stood on the terrace jangling his keys. He was just home after wandering around the bookstore to find a book for his little brother, Roy. Talking about Roy, Ryan saw his brother’s motorcycle was still parked and the doors and windows were all still closed. “That satan hasn’t woken up yet,” Ryan thought to himself.

He came into the house and shout, “Roy, wake up! It’s 11 already,” then heard the answer, “It’s Sunday!”

“By the way, I got a missed call from Don. What’s up? Do you two have problem?” Ryan asked.

“Why would Don call you?” Roy responded while gaining his consciousness.


The characters Roy and Don are taken from the ongoing series on Wattpad, Children of Altar. It’s written by my friend. Check that out and give feedback.

Also, I don’t really know about sibling relationship and in real life I don’t know any of my friends’ siblings personally so I have no idea how to continue my story above. What would make someone call their friend’s brother? What can make you trust your friend so you give them your brother’s contact number?

By the way, did I just make a fanfic with original character? Hahaha…

Slytherpuff Friendship

I see that many people post about friendship between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Here I want to share my experience because I’m a Hufflepuff and my friend Lady Slytherin is, obviously a Slytherin.

Hufflepuff gets this reputation of being kind and loyal, even adorable. Slytherin, on the other hand, has the stereotype of being ambitious and evil. However, Lady Slytherin and I don’t fit that stereotype. She’s a sweet yet sarcastic Slytherin while I’m a troubled yet hilarious Hufflepuff. We also have different MBTI; she’s INTJ, I’m ISFP.

Our friendship consists of:

  1. Hufflepuff shares weird thing that she finds on the internet
  2. Slytherin has various reaction to that weird thing: “hahaha”, “what the hell”, “aaaarrrghh”, etc
  3. oh wait, Slytherin also shares weird thing
  4. we both can relate to Sirius Black’s scene, “I did my waiting” because that would be our reaction when we finally become doctor
  5. we have only one mutual fandom: Harry Potter
  6. we respect each other’s fandom but constantly compare them: she likes Tolkien’s works, while I like A Song of Ice and Fire by George. R. R. Martin (Hufflepuff isn’t always about cute story, you know)
  7. Hufflepuff is that emo kid who still plays songs by My Chemical Romance
  8. Slytherin is not really into bandom
  9. our conversation starts with normal everyday thing but ends up with something absurd
  10. usually I’m the one who makes the convo absurd
  11. Hufflepuff relationship advice consists of: fiction book and some weird things from the internet (if you don’t get it, it’s all right)
  12. Slytherin is more mature when it comes to relationship advice: give and take should be balanced, you should love yourself first, etc
  13. still, we both don’t really have good luck in relationship (being single for too long time and spending too much time with fictional characters, duh)
  14. but if someday Lady Slytherin finds someone, I’m ready to ship them, they would be my OTP
  15. and if someday I find someone, she would be surprised first because I’m not always that interested in relationship, not even fictional relationship
  16. anyway, we love bookstore; we can just go to the bookstore trying the quill (kidding) or pen then feel happy 
  17. or just look at the book covers and make joke about them
  18. or give each other book recommendation
  19. or give each other encouragement to buy book like, “Buy this Game of Thrones novel! You want it, right?” 
The list can be longer but I think that’s enough for now. Do you have any experience with inter-house relationship?

Run Away Like It was Yesterday

Some songs can put into certain mood or make you imagine things. This time I want to talk about the song Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance. 

That song cheers me up. However it does more than just cheering up. Everytime I listen to that song, I imagine my girl friend and I run while laughing after doing silly thing. We dash to avoid people shouting at us. 

Beside, that song is indeed about run away. As Gerard Way said before performing that song in Hurricane festival 2011, “There’s nothing wrong with running and never looking back.” I have mixed feeling about what Gerard Way said. The idea of running away sounds good but doesn’t sound right to me. No matter how bad my situation is, I don’t think it’s so bad that I need to run away. I’m not that easy to leave something, either. I don’t even leave an abandoned group chat, duh.

Then I think maybe that “Bulletproof Heart” song is not for me. That song is for people who feel trapped in bad place or bad condition. That song is for people who are stuck with bad people. It’s for those who fight their own demons, or with their dark past. For those kind of people, running away is necessary. It even takes certain kind or courage for them to run away from their situation and save themselves.

Maybe someday that song will mean more than two girls running away after doing silly things. Who knows?

(Internet) Friend of Different Belief

A while ago, I saw a picture in instagram. It’s a picture of Marissa Sitompul and Ria Ricis. In that picture, they pray before meal. They position their hands differently because they have different religions. On that picture, there is a text, “Sahabat, perbedaan yang membuat kita satu.” It means, “Friend, difference is what makes us one.” It’s a nice picture with good message. They praise the same God whom they call differently (some people may say they praise different gods) while still being friends.

I’m a muslim and my close girl friends in real life are all muslims. However, I have one good internet girl friend of different religion. Wait, no. She doesn’t even have religion. She’s an atheist.

I’ve known her for about 7 years. Our friendship is built on weird and sometimes deep conversation. After seeing that instagram picture, I decided to send her a screenshot. I felt strange doing that because we don’t usually send “cute thing”. 

Under the screenshot, I wrote to her, “That’s us? But you don’t pray, I don’t wear hijab, and I don’t lift my hands for prayer before meal. And we’re internet friends.”

At first she didn’t understand. After I explained about the message behind the picture, she said, “I am drinking cognac with pelmeni. And I didn’t lift my hands before the meal.”

I responded, “I don’t either. I drink tea with banana cake.”

Voronezh or Sarov

“I’ve always wanted to visit Russia,” I told the Russian scientist.

“You have nothing to do in Russia.”

“I want to watch ballet in Bolshoi. Seriously.”

“Eheu! Ballet in theatre. Red square. **** that. If you want to visit Russia, go to Voronezh or Sarov.”

“What can I do in Voronezh or Sarov?”

“Drink bad beer, smoke a cigarette, and start hating the world.”

“I neither drink beer or smoke but I can take part on that ‘hating the world’ “

“You will start when you arrive in Voronezh.”



  • The conversation above actually happened between a Russian friend and me. I searched for Voronezh and Sarov in Google and I found that Voronezh looks like typical European city while Sarov, as Wikipedia said, is closed as it is the Russian centre for nuclear research. If you have ever visited or even lived in Voronezh, could you please tell me why my friend said that way about the city?
  • “Eheu!” is Latin word which means “Alas!” or “Oh my God!” (according to Google translate and my friend).
  • Just in case you know me in real life and worry about my health, I feel the need to state this once again. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcoholic beverage.

Rambling about Marriage: What?

I took hours to write a draft about it but it didn’t turn up good so I just want to ramble here.

I’ve set my timer for 10 minutes. Here we go.

A close friend of mine has already had a serious conversation with her parents about marriage. She hasn’t got a husband-to-be so her parents told her to get one.

One day, my mom said, “You’ve finished your thesis. Soon you will be a co-assistant, then a doctor. After that, get married and give me grandchild(ren).” I answered, “Please don’t rush me into getting married soon.” She said, “All right, I won’t rush you. Just don’t take too long time.” What?

To be honest, I haven’t considered marriage seriously. I’m in early twenties and I want to get married when I’m 27 or 28. Why should I worry now? I have many things to worry about without even adding marriage to the list.

My age of choice is also a problem. Many people here think that 25 is ideal age for a woman to marry. That may be true for those people but for me, I won’t be ready to get married at the age of 25. I’m the one who will get married so I’m supposed to understand when I’m ready, aren’t I? However, some people think 27 or 28 is a little late. What?

I’ve rambled for 10 minutes now.

All right, 10 more minutes then.

My mom once told me, “When you have found the good man, just tell me.” I said, “Okay.”

Talking about man… Where should I start? Whatever, I’ll talk about my feeling instead. I have had crush multiple times. However, when I’m attracted to someone, I always have mixed feeling. Some parts of my mind want friendship, some other parts want relationship, the rest of the parts just don’t care. The parts that want friendship make 80% of the mixture. Even when I feel strong romantic feeling about someone, the 80% can always come and make me want friendship instead.

Maybe someday the mixture composition of that feeling changes when I found the right man. What?

Oh, by friendship, I mean that friendship where you are able to communicate easily, maybe even comfortable silence.

So, my time for rambling is up.

I hope I can find the right good man without, as my mother say, taking too long time.

Song Cover Overload: the (Almost) Full Story

In my previous post, I talked about Dika who shared a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Here is the full story (whoa, it sounds important).

My friend Dika is interested in various things. Usually, when he’s interested in something, he share anything related to it on facebook. 

Last Sunday he liked Bohemian Rhapsody and he shared some (correction: plenty of) covers on facebook. He told me, “There is a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by Panic! At The Disco on my YouTube recommendation. I don’t open it.” I tried to convince him but he didn’t want to (duh).

Then he shared an ukulele cover by Jake Shimabukuro and one of his friends commented, “Good cover. Here is another good cover” with a link to Panic! At The Disco’s Bohemian Rhapsody cover. I admit I was excited reading that comment. It turned out that Dika’s friend also listened to Panic! At The Disco. Yeay! So, finally Dika is convinced to open the video.

After he opened the video, Dika is amused/annoyed/bothered by the comment section. Hahaha… I will talk about it in my next “Talking about Fandom” post.

Song Cover Overload

This is a quick post. I just want to write something but my mind doesn’t focus well right now.

My friend Dika shared a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody on facebook then his friend and I commented. They ended up sharing a lot of covers and I ended up watching all of those.

I’ll write again after my mind can focus better. 

The Day after My Thesis Exam

On Thursday, March 17, I had thesis exam again with my other two examiners. It went fine.

After the exam, I accompanied Miss Perfume to wait for her scientific journal editor, her counsellor. We then had a nice conversation with our senior student.

That afternoon, Miss Perfume, Elsa, and I went to karaoke. Miss Perfume chose some Indian songs and when she sang, Elsa and I commented on the videos (the videos are from movie scenes). She also chose “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys and three of us had this “lovely boyband moment” (is that even real?).

Elsa sang some anime soundtracks and Japanese songs which Miss Perfume and I didn’t know so we just watched her “perform.” She really looked like she was performing on stage while singing in karaoke. Whoa, that girl.

My choice of songs include “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic! At The Disco, “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” by Fall Out Boy, “Love is on the Radio” by McFly, and “Di Sayidan” by Shaggy Dog.

I found out that “Nine in the Afternoon” sounded hollow without Brendon Urie’s voice. Hahaha… I just couldn’t replace his voice (of course!). The song was happy and it was one of the few songs I dared to play before my thesis exam.

Famous Last Words” was great. I felt relieved to sing, shout, and scream during that song. It was like my mental “burden” during the process of thesis making was lifted when I sang it. The song allowed me to feel angry, frustrated, and sad, but powerful at the same time. Strange, isn’t it? Plus, I had microphone to sing, so the effect was better.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” was another memory. There was a time during the process of thesis writing when I had this big problem (I can’t talk about it, sorry) and I listened to this song over and over again to make myself feel better. It turned out that some parts of that song were a bit too fast for me to sing. I will practice!

To reduce “tension”, I sang “Love is on the Radio” by McFly. Elsa and Miss Perfume laughed at the line, “We’ll have a son and we’ll give him a sister.” That line was cute but strange when I sang it, hahaha…

I didn’t know why I chose “Di Sayidan“. The last time I had listened to it was in high school. I just thought that song was catchy and would be nice to sing and listen to with my friends.

Later that night, I was happy and content. I still had to change some part of my thesis and scientific article, though.

At this point, I’ve just realised that my three posts about thesis exam are more like song related posts. Maybe later I will write more scientific posts.


The Day Before Thesis Exam

On Wednesday, March 16th, I had thesis examination. It means that I presented my thesis in front of my counsellors and examiners. 

I stated in this blog that I didn’t really like public speaking. However, the day before my exam, I felt okay. In fact, I was excited to present my thesis, which was a surprising fact considering that 1) I would talk in front of people, 2) I would be asked questions about my thesis, 3) I would present my thesis in a meeting room in the hospital, a place that never made me comfortable.

That day, I made power point presentation and read my thesis again. Yes, I know it was late. I procrastinated too much. 

Also, my dad caught me watching Brendon Urie video again. He said, “Prepare for your presentation. Stop playing around!” Why does my dad always catch me watching Brendon Urie?

Talking about Brendon Urie, I was careful to choose what songs I listened to that day. I didn’t listen to “Build God, then We’ll Talk” no matter how tempting it was. I didn’t listen to “Northern Downpour” either because I could get strange feeling from it. I even held myself from listening to My Chemical Romance because their songs might evoke various emotion and hit me right in the “feel”. 

So I decided to listen to Nine in the Afternoon, Ready to Go, and Always. All by Panic! At the Disco. Duh.

I also had a chat with Dika and he said, “Good luck. You can read fanfics first!” And strangely, I did. I read some fanfics that day. 

My state of being not nervous worried me. I started to think that I might take it too easy. I told another friend that I didn’t feel nervous and I didn’t really care if I couldn’t answer the question. I told him that I didn’t know whether it was good or bad sign. He said, “It may be a good sign but you not caring somehow sounds badass.” I laughed at his response.

I slept well that night. Still not worried about my exam.