First Lipstick

Today, on Sunday, May 31st, my cousin got married. I attended the wedding and wore red lipstick.

Let’s talk about my lipstick first because posting about wedding and marriage requires proper focus. I’m a little sleepy now.

I bought my lipstick on Thursday. It was my first time buying it. I have worn lipstick some times before but I never owned it. Also, I had never applied it myself.

At first, I wanted to buy a natural coloured lipstick. I browsed through lipstick shelves in the mall then I came to Pixy shelf. There were moisture lipsticks. A Pixy sales promotion girl approached me and showed me some of their products. After some talk, she recommended Pixy moisture lipstick R-03. It’s red. She said it would look good on me and wouldn’t make me look pale. I thought, “Why not?” I mean, I would only wear it on special occasion so red is fine.

When I first tried the lipstick, I failed. It was difficult at the first time. However, on my second try, I succeeded. I guess applying lipstick is a natural skill for woman. The colour looked good on me, in my opinion.ย 

A make up artist did my make up and hair today but this time, I used my own lipstick. My mom said, “You look pretty.” Then I said, “Thanks. By the way, I wear my own lipstick. I bought it myself.” She was a little annoyed and said, “Why did you buy that colour? You should have bought natural colour.” I reason, “It’s a wedding and red lipstick is all right.”


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