Saturday with Lady Slytherin

Yesterday, I attended a graphic design training and I ended up making a mess (duh). Thankfully, the mess was only in my laptop.

Lady Slytherin explained a little about event publication at the beginning. She also showed a video by Ryan Higa, “Most Annoying People On The Internet“. Take time to watch the video. Are you one of those annoying people on the internet?

In the evening, Lady Slytherin informed me that I had left my pencil case and it was with her then. I told her that I would visit her boarding house to take it.

Before taking my pencil case, I went to Ngarsopuro. It’s a night market in Solo, opened every Saturday. I wanted to look around and buy T-shirt for my mother. My mother gave me some money to buy her T-shirt but I forgot to bring the money. I was lucky that I brought my own money. Anyway, I couldn’t find the T-shirt my mother wanted.

I also visited a cafe nearby. There was a charity concert held by Childhood Cancer Care. I bought a navy blue wrist band in their merchandise stand.

I then visiting Lady Slytherin. She gave me my pencil case and an example of thesis proposal. We had a little talk (I told her that I forget a lot lately; first I lost my driving licence, then I left my pencil case and my mother’s money). After that we decided to go together. She chose a fast food restaurant and she took her Samsung tab and headset with her. She said, “I want to browse internet there.” 

Arriving in the restaurant, she realised that she forgot to bring her wallet. We thought that my forgetfulness was contagious.

We still ate there anyway. We ate, talked, and read weird articles in the internet. We even dipped our potato in ice cream. It tasted sweet then salty.

Oh, you may think, “Why do you med students eat in fast food restaurant? You should give example of healthy eating habit.” I myself rarely eat fast food and I think I have to write a post about healthy food later to counter this post.


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