Friday Lecture Note: Four Things a Doctor Should Have

This Friday Lecture Note is not about any medical condition. It’s an advice that a pediatrician gave to us in a lecture today.

She said, “To be a doctor, you should have at least four things.

1. Eagle’s eyes

The more you have experience with patients, you will be able to know your patient’s condition only by looking at them.

2. Steel mental

If you can’t stand looking at blood and injury, if you can’t stand hearing harsh comment, don’t be a doctor.

3. Angel’s heart

You will stay awake while many people sleep, to be in emergency department or to help those in operating room. You will surely be tired. If you don’t really do it to help people then it will be difficult.

4. Lady’s hands

Especially when you do palpation, do it in smooth and gentle way. Or if you someday become a surgeon, don’t suture like the way you stitch a gunny sack. Learn how to make good suture.”

The lecture she gave was about congenital heart disease and now I have to rearrange my lecture note before sharing it in my blog.


17 thoughts on “Friday Lecture Note: Four Things a Doctor Should Have

  1. One of my high school classmate who is very afraid of blood, gore and anything in between had a very stupid idea of going to a nursing school πŸ˜› He didn’t even last for two months when he quit.

      • I will! You’ll get them down. It’s not just a lifetime of practice it’s a meticulous art as well πŸ™‚

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