One of my questions in Liebster Award is about favourite word and the answers are various. There are onomatopoeia, inspiration, mamma, and popliteal. I asked that question because I’m interested in language and here are some of my favourite words from some languages.

  1. Jawa


Garwa iku bojo. Ing kerata basa, garwa iku sigaraning nyawa.

Garwa means wife or husband in Javanese. In kerata basa (I will explain about it in the future, hopefully), garwa is sigaraning nyawa (literally means a split of soul).

  1. Indonesia


Karena saya lama gak naik sepeda.

Sepeda means bicycle. Because I haven’t rid bicycle for a long time.

  1. English


When you’re bored, try to add a little more fantasy to your life.

  1. Русский


Моя мама и я смотрим “Маша и Медвед” Следы НевиданныхЗверей. Маша гоборит “Корову” но моя мама слышит “Kerupuk”.



My mom and I watch “Masha and the Bear” Track of Unknown Animal. Masha says “Корову” (pronounced karovu, it means cow) but my mom hears “Kerupuk”.



5. Deutch


Das Wort “Blume” klingt schön und ich möchte Blume kaufen.

The word “Blume” (it means flower) sounds nice and I want to buy flower.

  1. Chinese

I haven’t learned Chinese again for a long time so I forget many words. My favourite words are 癌 and 爱. Both words are pronounced “ai” but with different tones. 癌 means cancer while 爱 means love. It’s interesting that with different tone, a nice word which means love can be cancer. Learn more about tone in Chinese language here.

  1. Arabic


كيف is pronounced “kaifa” and it means “how”. I just like the way it sounds.

  1. Hebrew


בית is pronounced “bayet” (or bayit?) and it means home. If you know Arabic you will notice that it sounds similar to the word “bait” in Arabic which also means home.

9. Latin and Greek
There are many medical terms derived from Latin or Greek. For example, in sternum (breastbone), there are manubrium sterni and processus xiphoideus. Manubrium means handle in Latin while xiphoid means sword-like in Greek.

If you know any of those languages and notice that I make mistake, please let me know.

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