I Will Miss Family, Friends, Food, etc

Let me respond to today’s prompt before I actually study (duh). 

If I go to Mars and never return, I will both miss Earth and be happy to leave it. 

I will miss my family and close friends, unless they go with me to Mars. I will miss the food on Earth and I’m not sure that we can cook well on Mars. The bookstores and books will surely be missed so I think if I ever go to Mars, I will bring many books. I also think that I will miss cats so I hope the cats on Mars are just as interesting as Earth’s cats. Beside, considering that I spend a lot of time in the internet, I hope as soon as I arrive at Mars, I can create super internet technology so I can see find out what happens on Earth and share what happens on Mars.

However, there are things from Earth that I will be happy to leave, annoying people for example. There are so many of them and sometimes I feel frustrated that I can’t get rid of them. Those people, and crowd. I don’t like crowd.

Since I don’t plan on leaving the Earth soon, I guess I just have to cherish every moment on Earth and deal with the bad things.

Three Kittens

I wrote a post about a cat that often visited my house.

Yesterday, on May 20th 2015 at night, she gave birth to three kittens. My father was the first to see them. I just found out this afternoon (poor me).

I haven’t taken picture of the kittens. I think it would be better for them to cuddle with their mother without disturbance.

The Cat is Revealed

I’ve ever written a post about a cat who often comes to my home and scratches me. I have some pictures of her when she is just nice and cute.


Relaxing on a Chair


Curling up


Does anyone know what breed of cat she is? I suppose she’s a Japanese bobtail. Am I right?

Cat Scratch

I like cat.

However, there is a stray cat who often comes to my home and she can be annoying. She’s aggressive. She often scratches or bites us with no clear reason and I’ve just been scratched.

Actually, I won’t mind having her as my pet but she can be scary.