Slytherpuff Friendship

I see that many people post about friendship between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Here I want to share my experience because I’m a Hufflepuff and my friend Lady Slytherin is, obviously a Slytherin.

Hufflepuff gets this reputation of being kind and loyal, even adorable. Slytherin, on the other hand, has the stereotype of being ambitious and evil. However, Lady Slytherin and I don’t fit that stereotype. She’s a sweet yet sarcastic Slytherin while I’m a troubled yet hilarious Hufflepuff. We also have different MBTI; she’s INTJ, I’m ISFP.

Our friendship consists of:

  1. Hufflepuff shares weird thing that she finds on the internet
  2. Slytherin has various reaction to that weird thing: “hahaha”, “what the hell”, “aaaarrrghh”, etc
  3. oh wait, Slytherin also shares weird thing
  4. we both can relate to Sirius Black’s scene, “I did my waiting” because that would be our reaction when we finally become doctor
  5. we have only one mutual fandom: Harry Potter
  6. we respect each other’s fandom but constantly compare them: she likes Tolkien’s works, while I like A Song of Ice and Fire by George. R. R. Martin (Hufflepuff isn’t always about cute story, you know)
  7. Hufflepuff is that emo kid who still plays songs by My Chemical Romance
  8. Slytherin is not really into bandom
  9. our conversation starts with normal everyday thing but ends up with something absurd
  10. usually I’m the one who makes the convo absurd
  11. Hufflepuff relationship advice consists of: fiction book and some weird things from the internet (if you don’t get it, it’s all right)
  12. Slytherin is more mature when it comes to relationship advice: give and take should be balanced, you should love yourself first, etc
  13. still, we both don’t really have good luck in relationship (being single for too long time and spending too much time with fictional characters, duh)
  14. but if someday Lady Slytherin finds someone, I’m ready to ship them, they would be my OTP
  15. and if someday I find someone, she would be surprised first because I’m not always that interested in relationship, not even fictional relationship
  16. anyway, we love bookstore; we can just go to the bookstore trying the quill (kidding) or pen then feel happy 
  17. or just look at the book covers and make joke about them
  18. or give each other book recommendation
  19. or give each other encouragement to buy book like, “Buy this Game of Thrones novel! You want it, right?” 
The list can be longer but I think that’s enough for now. Do you have any experience with inter-house relationship?

Sansa Stark and Girl’s Struggle

Game of Thrones season 6 is going to air soon. I’m a Game of Thrones completely internet fan. It means that I don’t watch the entire show and I don’t read the entire books either. I get information here and there from the internet and I can still call myself a fan, can’t I?

I’m curious about Sansa’s fate in season 6. Rumour says she will do good. I hope so because Sansa is my favourite character.

Why is Sansa my favourite character? Because, in my opinon, Sansa Stark is relatable. I guess every girl or woman, at some points in their life can relate to Sansa. There must be one time when a girl wants to speak up or put up a fight but hold herself because she remembers that “a lady’s armor is courtesy” so she put her armor of courtesy to protect herself, to keep herself alive. If you consider that a weakness, then you don’t understand. Some girls don’t have many choices and all they want is to be alive and safe, and safe can be defined in various ways.

I also adore Arya. Many times I want to fight like Arya but I remember that I don’t live in Westeros and I can’t stab people as I want. I don’t even know how to handle a sword. I think Sansa also wants to fight like Arya sometimes but she is aware that she can’t do that. 

After all, those Stark sisters show and remind me the struggle of being a girl.

Green Things in My Fandoms

The prompt is “green” so I’m just going to brainstrom some green things in fandom.

Green is the colour of Slytherin. It’s the house of those cunning folks who use any means to achieve their ends.

Harry Potter has green eyes. It is said that Harry has his mother’s eyes. Rowling said if they were casting Lily, there needed to be a resemblance (in the eyes) but they don’t absolutely have to be green.

The killing curse Avada Kedavra produces green light. On a side note, when writing this, I suddenly want to do flame test experiment and create green flame. I will ask my mother later. She’s a chemistry teacher by the way.

House Tyrell has golden rose on green field as their sigil. They rule the Reach, the most fertile region and thus, the greenest part of Westeros.

There is a song by Panic! At The Disco called That Green Gentleman. I like the lyrics, “Things have changed for me and that’s okay, I feel the same, I’m on my way.” What I don’t understand is the title. Why is the gentleman green? Why is the song given that title? Who wrote the lyrics and who gave the title? What did he think when he pick the title? Then I realise that the only sensible answer is, “Because it’s a song by Panic! At The Disco.”

I realise that I can’t find any green thing related to My Chemical Romance. Well, Gerard Way hasn’t dyed his hair green, has he?

Some Places, Real and Fictional

I don’t travel a lot and I haven’t been so faraway from home. I would love to. There are places I want to visit, both real and fictional.

In real world, Russia is still on the top of my places-to-visit list. I want to watch ballet in Bolshoi Theatre or take Trans Siberian railway journey.

In fictional world, I want to visit Westeros after the place is safe and peaceful enough. But when? We can’t be sure.

Westeros can be a great place to visit. From the cold North to fertile region of the Reach then to the desert of Dorne. I even consider taking Lady Slytherin to Westeros if she doesn’t mind. She’s not much into “A Song of Ice and Fire” but I guess she will agree to travel once Westeros is safe. 

Lady Slytherin is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien so she may take me to Middle Earth in return. She has always wanted to go to there to meet Thranduil and rule the realm together. Let them rule, I will just visit the Shire. 

Another fictional place to visit, recommended by Elsa, is Cerulean City. I don’t know much about Pokemon but I think it would be a nice place to visit. If I happen to visit Cerulean City, I surely will hire Elsa to be my tour guide.

I ended up writing one real place and three fictional places. It may explain enough about my perspective.

Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy (and Some Courtesy)

When I was in middle school, Sweet Raindrop (not her real name) showed me the lyrics of “Build God then We’ll Talk” by Panic! At The Disco. Here is a link to the song. I give the link to their “Live in Denver” performance instead of their official music video because: 1. the official music video contains “Porno Mime” and not everyone is comfortable to watch it, 2. Ryan Ross sang some lines in that live version and his voice was damn fine. 
The first time I read the lyrics, I said, “Whoa, it’s more like a story than a song.” The song tells a story of substandard motels on the corner of 4th and Fremont Street with wonderful caricature of intimacy inside. I had the habit of singing the line, “Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy” when I had to meet fake friends or attend an event that made me uncomfortable. I knew those fake friends and event participants weren’t so “wonderful” as the people in the song but still, I felt the need to sing that line.
As I grew up, that habit disappeared. Perhaps because I didn’t have to attend “event that made me uncomfortable” so often as before. However, now that I’m in my fangirl phase over Panic! At The Disco, that habit occurs again. The only difference is that I don’t sing it aloud. 
It happened a while ago when my mother told me to be courteous so I can keep myself away from trouble. That was difficult. Not that I’m a rude person. I just act aloof when someone makes me uneasy. However, my mom told me to be courteous. What?! Why? How? Then that one line from the song was played in the back of my mind.
In “A Clash of King,” it is said that Septa Mordane used to tell Sansa that a lady’s armor is courtesy. Sansa took that advice and she stayed alive in King’s Landing. I didn’t expect my mother would give me the same advice as Septa Mordane. 
I’m not a tenant in substandard motel on the corner of 4th and Fremont Street. My situation is much safer than Sansa Stark’s in “A Clash of King”. I don’t mind some courtesy, either. I’m just not ready to be a lady with proper armor.

Hiraeth and Needle

The prompt is “longing“. It reminds me of two words: hiraeth and Needle.
According to Wikipedia, hiraeth is a Welsh word with no direct English translation. Oxford and Merriam Webster define hiraeth as: (noun) “a homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was”. It is a mix of longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness, or an earnest desire for the Wales of the past. 
Pamela Petro explained hiraeth in the post Dreaming in Welsh. She wrote, “In 1282, Wales became the first colony of the English empire. Because England eventually ruled half the globe, we all know its first colony by the name the colonizers gave it: Wales, which means ‘Place of the Others,’ or ‘Place of the Romanized Foreigners’.” She continued, “To Welsh speakers, Wales is Cymru (pronounced Kum-ree): home of the Cymry, or fellow countrymen.”
The Welsh feel hiraeth for the Wales of the past that they cannot return to. This reminds of a paragraph from “A Feast for Crows” by George. R. R. Martin, when Arya had to give up all her belongings. It meant that she also had to give up Needle, her sword.
Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes. 
The word hiraeth and that one paragraph can always give me emotion which I can’t describe.
They make me smile. A sad smile.