Slytherpuff Friendship

I see that many people post about friendship between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Here I want to share my experience because I’m a Hufflepuff and my friend Lady Slytherin is, obviously a Slytherin.

Hufflepuff gets this reputation of being kind and loyal, even adorable. Slytherin, on the other hand, has the stereotype of being ambitious and evil. However, Lady Slytherin and I don’t fit that stereotype. She’s a sweet yet sarcastic Slytherin while I’m a troubled yet hilarious Hufflepuff. We also have different MBTI; she’s INTJ, I’m ISFP.

Our friendship consists of:

  1. Hufflepuff shares weird thing that she finds on the internet
  2. Slytherin has various reaction to that weird thing: “hahaha”, “what the hell”, “aaaarrrghh”, etc
  3. oh wait, Slytherin also shares weird thing
  4. we both can relate to Sirius Black’s scene, “I did my waiting” because that would be our reaction when we finally become doctor
  5. we have only one mutual fandom: Harry Potter
  6. we respect each other’s fandom but constantly compare them: she likes Tolkien’s works, while I like A Song of Ice and Fire by George. R. R. Martin (Hufflepuff isn’t always about cute story, you know)
  7. Hufflepuff is that emo kid who still plays songs by My Chemical Romance
  8. Slytherin is not really into bandom
  9. our conversation starts with normal everyday thing but ends up with something absurd
  10. usually I’m the one who makes the convo absurd
  11. Hufflepuff relationship advice consists of: fiction book and some weird things from the internet (if you don’t get it, it’s all right)
  12. Slytherin is more mature when it comes to relationship advice: give and take should be balanced, you should love yourself first, etc
  13. still, we both don’t really have good luck in relationship (being single for too long time and spending too much time with fictional characters, duh)
  14. but if someday Lady Slytherin finds someone, I’m ready to ship them, they would be my OTP
  15. and if someday I find someone, she would be surprised first because I’m not always that interested in relationship, not even fictional relationship
  16. anyway, we love bookstore; we can just go to the bookstore trying the quill (kidding) or pen then feel happy 
  17. or just look at the book covers and make joke about them
  18. or give each other book recommendation
  19. or give each other encouragement to buy book like, “Buy this Game of Thrones novel! You want it, right?” 
The list can be longer but I think that’s enough for now. Do you have any experience with inter-house relationship?

Song Cover Overload

This is a quick post. I just want to write something but my mind doesn’t focus well right now.

My friend Dika shared a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody on facebook then his friend and I commented. They ended up sharing a lot of covers and I ended up watching all of those.

I’ll write again after my mind can focus better. 

Playing Ingress

My friend Maria told me about game called Ingress. It’s a game played on cellphone where the player should go and visit certain places shown in the map. By “go and visit”, I mean it literally. The player has to move and walk (or ride, or drive, whatever).

I had quite a nice adventure today. I played Ingress and found some places in my city that I didn’t know existed. How I couldn’t know the places, that’s a mystery since I’ve lived in Solo for more than 20 years.

I’m still in level 1 and I plan on playing it again tomorrow with my friends. It should be fun.

Useless Advice

A guy friend of mine is in love. My other two friends who know the girl he’s in love with tried to give hime advice. The conversation went like this

“She’ll only use you.”
“But I love her.”
“She’s full of drama.’
“What do you mean?”
“She’s annoying. She will hurt you.”
“I can take the pain.”
“I just want to say, take care of your health.”
Hearing that conversation, I remember Sujiwo Tejo said that the most useless thing to do in this world is giving advice to someone who’s falling in love.

Saturday with Lady Slytherin

Yesterday, I attended a graphic design training and I ended up making a mess (duh). Thankfully, the mess was only in my laptop.

Lady Slytherin explained a little about event publication at the beginning. She also showed a video by Ryan Higa, “Most Annoying People On The Internet“. Take time to watch the video. Are you one of those annoying people on the internet?

In the evening, Lady Slytherin informed me that I had left my pencil case and it was with her then. I told her that I would visit her boarding house to take it.

Before taking my pencil case, I went to Ngarsopuro. It’s a night market in Solo, opened every Saturday. I wanted to look around and buy T-shirt for my mother. My mother gave me some money to buy her T-shirt but I forgot to bring the money. I was lucky that I brought my own money. Anyway, I couldn’t find the T-shirt my mother wanted.

I also visited a cafe nearby. There was a charity concert held by Childhood Cancer Care. I bought a navy blue wrist band in their merchandise stand.

I then visiting Lady Slytherin. She gave me my pencil case and an example of thesis proposal. We had a little talk (I told her that I forget a lot lately; first I lost my driving licence, then I left my pencil case and my mother’s money). After that we decided to go together. She chose a fast food restaurant and she took her Samsung tab and headset with her. She said, “I want to browse internet there.” 

Arriving in the restaurant, she realised that she forgot to bring her wallet. We thought that my forgetfulness was contagious.

We still ate there anyway. We ate, talked, and read weird articles in the internet. We even dipped our potato in ice cream. It tasted sweet then salty.

Oh, you may think, “Why do you med students eat in fast food restaurant? You should give example of healthy eating habit.” I myself rarely eat fast food and I think I have to write a post about healthy food later to counter this post.

Book Hunting with Book Mate

I wanted to post this on Friday but my internet connection was poor so I couldn’t.

Last Friday, my book mate asked, “Is there any imported book Togamas bookstore?” I said, “I don’t know. But if you want imported books, I know a store that sells used imported books.” 

We then went to the store and spent hours there. She found many interested novel but ended up buying nothing. She actually wanted to buy a novel by Nicholas Sparks but she didn’t buy because the paper was not in good condition. I bought a book talking about pants (of all the books in the store!!). The book contains stories we know such as Trojan Horse but it adds annoying story about pants. It really is annoyingly funny.

We then went to my home to pray and take a rest. After that, we visited a library. The library was quite famous among bookworms in Solo and it was our first time going there. Arriving there, we gasped. We were overwhelmed. We were excited that we considered living in the library to spend our time reading all of the interesting books. Again, we spent hours with the books.

My friend borrowed four books (crazy bookworm she is). I didn’t borrow anything. I guess I will just come back again since the library isn’t so far from my home.

Note: I call my friend in this post “book mate” because we often talk about the book we read or we want to read. We don’t always like the same book. We just love to read.

My Story with Instagram

I have recently made instagram account to support my friend. My two friends join “Duta Mahasiswa FK” competition. It’s like medical student version of beauty pageant but there are also male contestants. One of the judged criteria is how many accounts like their instagram photos. 

Those two friends are Denata and Gani. Both of them are also candidates of my campus representatives for Indonesian Medical Olympiad in digestive system field. Denata is also a dancer while Gani is a mountain climber.

You can see Denata’s photo here and Gani’s here. If you have instagram account, please support those two amazing people by liking the photos. 

A Project and a Visit

A high school friend of mine who now studies industrial engineering had to do a research for her practicum and she needed some participants to answer questionnaire. She needed three people from medical faculty and she already found one. In this post, I will call her Miss Forever Friend because she has been my close friend since high school and she is adorable like the bear from Forever Friends. In fact, she and I together in picture look like the bears from Forever Friends.

On Thursday, I visited my junior to pay for journalism club uniform. Yes, she was my friend in journalism club. I told her about my friend’s research and she said that she was willing to participate. I will call this friend Miss Positive Side since she could still be cheerful after losing her cellphone.

On Friday, Miss Forever Friend and I visited Miss Positive Side in her boarding house. I brought a big bag of chip and Miss Positive Side had many cookies and snacks. 

At first, we intended the visit to be quick. However, after we were done with the questionnaire, we talked a lot and ate a lot. We ate up Miss Positive Side’s snacks and cookies (terrible guests, aren’t we?). We talked about many things, from cellphone to fried noodle.

To be honest, I still wonder how we could manage to have great conversation. My friends just met each other for the first time but we weren’t awkward. 

Another thing to remember, if Miss Forever Friend and want to visit you, we suggest you to hide some of your snacks. If you don’t, they will vanish.

P. S. Miss Forever Friend is my friend whom I mentioned in my post “Marriage?

Unimportant News: Video Call with Elsa

Today I have a day off. Beside that, since traumatology block is over, I will also have a day off tomorrow. 

I’m bored.

Not that I want to go to campus. I’m not in a good mood to do anything today. However, a 27 second video call with Elsa has made my mood better. Well, for 27 seconds we just laughed. We didn’t talk about anything particular.

Word List to Story: When I was 15

I once wrote that I had a friend who liked Panic! At The Disco and we often tried to interpret their lyrics.

That friend and I also made story in our way. First, she made a list of random words. After that, I made a story using the words in the list. I also added more words, of course.

Here are some words in the list that my friend created:

  • flood
  • winter
  • raindrop
  • downpour

From those words, I create a paragraph like this one.

       It’s cold like flood in winter here. Something fell from the sky. Raindrops began to fall. Downpour would be here.

That part was quite fine since the words are somehow related: flood, winter, raindrop, downpour. 

Other words in the list are:

  • vampire
  • crow
  • mountain
  • throat

I then write:

       Someone came and sat beside me. He looked like a vampire from mountain. He told me that his sore throat made his voice sounded like old crow.

I showed the story to my English course teacher and she said, “You include these words? Wow…”

If one day, you want to write something but don’t know what to write, you can make a word list first then turn it into a story.

Note: I link this post to Twenty Somethings because…. Well, I don’t really need to give reason.