Story of a Blind Date

It was Saturday afternoon and the boutique is quite crowded. Elza talked to some customers and helped them choose the clothes when suddenly,

“Elza, do you have a plan for next week on Saturday evening?” Ryan asked.

“Actually no. Wait, I’m talking to a customer, you mannerless spongehead,” Elza then continued talking to the customer. 

After that, she approached Ryan and asked, “Why did you ask about my plan?”

“First thing first, I don’t think it’s a good manner to call me mannerless spongehead in front of customers. For your question, I’m going to reserve a table for you in the fancy restaurant on Fremont street, I forget the restaurant’s name. Eh, you’re still single right?”

“What the hell Ryan? Are you asking me for a date?” Elza rolled her eyes.

“Of course not me, duh. I’m setting you for a blind date,” Ryan grinned in his usual childish expression.

“Is this part of a mission? Also, Ryan, everytime you make that face, I have bad feeling,” said Elza.

“Relax. You prepare your dress and makeup then have fun,” Ryan said then left.

A week later, Ryan drove the car to take Elza.

“Are you still sure that maroon is the right colour for the dress to wear on first date?”

“Ryan, if he’s going to date me, he’d better get used to my style,” Elza said.

“And you also wear maroon lipstick. Is that necessary?” Ryan asked.

“Yes. Problem?”

The car becomes silent after that.

They arrived at the restaurant then a host greeted them and showed them to the table.

“Rook? Roy?” Elza looked at the man who already sat at the table with a younger guy beside him.

“Oh, hi Rook. I see that my brother Roy took you here earlier.”

“Explain this, Ryan,” Rook glared at Ryan.

“You two enjoy your dinner. Eh, Roy, give your car key to Rook. I’ll drive you home. Don’t get involved in their adult business, kid. Now, do you want to play Mario Kart?” Ryan pulled Roy’s shoulder after Roy gave Rook his car key.

“So, did Ryan…” 

“Yes, that spongehead told me that he set me up for a blind date,” Elza cut Rook’s question.

“And you agreed?”

“You also agreed.”

“Well… Uhm, anyway, you look stunning in that dress,” Rook said. “I still hate you, though,” he added quickly.

“You also look fine in suit and I still hate you,” Elza retorted.

They both ate in silence then Elza noticed that Rook started getting sweaty.

“It’s hot, eh? I’m surprised that you don’t take off your jacket.”

“Ryan says that a gentleman should never take off his jacket. I’m a gentleman so I don’t take off my jacket,” said Rook.

“Correct. Ryan knows such rule but he doesn’t follow it. What a spongehead.”

Rook smiled hearing that. “Do you want to go somewhere else after this?” he asked.

“Yes, please. Take me to game centre. We’ll rock the place with this attire.”

“As you wish,” Rook laughed.

P.S. This is another fanfic of “Children of Altar” (sorry, hahaha…). I struggle with description in this fic. I could imagine their dialogue but I had no idea what to write aside from the dialogue. If you can give me advice then please kindly comment. Thank you.

Also, that part where Rook didn’t take off his jacket was inspired by a video of Patrick Stump getting advice from older gentleman.

I never go to formal dinner at fancy restaurant so if I make mistake in this story, please tell me. I did my research but I could still make mistake.


It was a peaceful Sunday morning. Roy played the Witcher on his laptop and suddenly… “Roy, take a bath and let’s go!” Ryan shouted.


“Come on!” Ryan wrestled Roy and managed to shut down the laptop in the process.

“I hate you! I was continuing my game and you shut it down.”

“Take a bath, we’ll go swimming.”

“Why should I take a bath? I’ll get wet again once I swim,” Roy retorted.

“You stink,” Ryan said.

They walked to the public swimming pool and Roy asked, “What is it Ryan? You don’t like swimming.”

“Are you scared? Don’t worry, the pool is shallow enough for you.”

“No kidding. I’m a better swimmer between us and seriously, since when do you get excited to swim?”

“Well, actually that’s the point. We have to add swimming to our training regime.”

“Sounds all right. But we don’t really have to worry, do we? I mean, those Salty Spitoon visitors don’t come to us and challenge to fight.”

“What is Salty Spitoon?” Ryan asked.

“Ryan, you don’t watch Spongebob?”

Train of Thought: from Irn-Bru to Orange Lipstick

Yesterday, I read a blog post by Joel Sorin entitled “Sail“. That post mentioned Irn-Bru which, after I searched in the internet, is actually a Scottish soft drink. Then I remember something else: dandelion and burdock. How can people come up with good idea to name beverage?

I first heard “dandelion and burdock” from the song “Suck It and See” by Arctic Monkeys. You can watch the official music video, or if you think that video is too sexy then you can watch Alex Turner perform the song in acoustic version, which is also sexy for some people.

The song also has amazing lyrics. I like the lines, “That’s not a skirt girl, that’s a sawn-off shotgun. And I can only hope you’ve got it aimed at me.” Usually I don’t like lyrics with such “dangerous vibe” but those words are well-arranged and unexpected. I just can’t hate it.

Anyway, suck it and see means to try something you have not done before. When was the last time you tried something new? Was it a great deal that you had to pluck up courage? Or was it something simple that you did on impulse?

Asking that question, I then remember myself that I haven’t done anything new recently. Well, I did try to wear matte orange lipstick last Saturday if that counts.

I guess I’ll try to do something new again this Saturday. But what?

Olive Oil on My Face

I mentioned Sarah Urie in my previous post. I you check out her instagram, you will notice that she sometimes promotes skincare product. 

One of the product she promotes is Omega 3.6.9. from LiftedSkin. I visited LiftedSkin website and found out that Omega 3.6.9 costs $39.00. That’s expensive for me. However, I really fell into “Sarah Urie’s trap” (in a good way) so I still wanted to have facial serum or facial oil. I then bought Wardah pure olive oil.
Wardah pure olive oil is not 100% pure, though. I read the ingredients and it has fragrance so I can’t use it for cooking (okay, sorry). When I bought it, it cost Rp 25.000,00 (about $ 2 if I’m not mistaken) so it’s quite affordable. 
The problem was, I had no idea how to use olive oil on face. Many sources say to use it for facial massage. Questions: How should I massage my face? Should I use only oil or with something else? How often should I massage my face? Some say to do facial massage before bedtime. Should I wash my face after massage or just let it be there and sleep then wash face after waking up? I know that last question sounds silly but still, please answer any of those question.
I “experiment” by mixing face moisturizer and olive oil then I use it to massage by following Annie Jaffrey’s youtube tutorial. I usually do it in the afternoon before nap. How long I wait to wash my face depends on my laziness. Sometimes I fall asleep for about 2 hours then wash my face after waking up. Is my “experiment” right?
Does it give me glow or twinkle on my skin? (Imagine twinkle on the skin) I don’t pay enough attention to that. However, it does make my skin smooth.

Dress Shopping

“This dress looks funny,” you pointed a dress.

“Oh, that mermaid cut dress?”

“It’s called mermaid cut? Well, I want to try it.”

You hurried into dressing room before I could respond.

“Do I look like Ariel now?” You asked while posing.

“Hahaha… Yeah, but instead of trying to be human, you ask the prince to be merman.”

“That sounds like something you would do. Oh God, this dress is difficult to walk in,” you said.

“That’s a mermaid dress. Maybe you should swim instead?”

We wandered around the shop again. You tried on dress after dress while making some jokes (well, actually I made more jokes).

“You know, wearing these dresses makes me feel like a fairy tale character. Once I’m a mermaid, then I’m a princess with ball gown ready for masquerade, another time I’m a Greek goddess who blesses and curses anytime I want. I like them but I feel weird to wear them.”

“Maybe we can try to look for tea length dress. It may suit your carefree vibes better. I mean, you don’t have to wear long dress in your wedding,” I offer.

“Really? I’m allowed to do that? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I thought those white midi dresses are for bridesmaids.”

“I thought you knew. Have you ever read any wedding related stuff?” I asked in disbelief.

“Never. That’s part of your duty as bridesmaid.”

I facepalmed.


“Why isn’t there any bridal shop assistant in this fic?”

“Because it’s fiction (?) I want it that way.”

Green Things in My Fandoms

The prompt is “green” so I’m just going to brainstrom some green things in fandom.

Green is the colour of Slytherin. It’s the house of those cunning folks who use any means to achieve their ends.

Harry Potter has green eyes. It is said that Harry has his mother’s eyes. Rowling said if they were casting Lily, there needed to be a resemblance (in the eyes) but they don’t absolutely have to be green.

The killing curse Avada Kedavra produces green light. On a side note, when writing this, I suddenly want to do flame test experiment and create green flame. I will ask my mother later. She’s a chemistry teacher by the way.

House Tyrell has golden rose on green field as their sigil. They rule the Reach, the most fertile region and thus, the greenest part of Westeros.

There is a song by Panic! At The Disco called That Green Gentleman. I like the lyrics, “Things have changed for me and that’s okay, I feel the same, I’m on my way.” What I don’t understand is the title. Why is the gentleman green? Why is the song given that title? Who wrote the lyrics and who gave the title? What did he think when he pick the title? Then I realise that the only sensible answer is, “Because it’s a song by Panic! At The Disco.”

I realise that I can’t find any green thing related to My Chemical Romance. Well, Gerard Way hasn’t dyed his hair green, has he?

I Love You for Sentimental Reasons

Reading the word “sentimental,” I remember the song “(I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons” by Ivory “Deek” Watson and William “Pat” Best. I found three versions in YouTube. There are two versions by Deek Watson and The Brown Dots and another version by Nat King Cole. Nat King Cole’s version was the one I knew when I heard this song for the first time.

Oxford dictionary defines sentimental as “of the emotions, rather than reason.” I then realise that, many times, I fall in love without understanding the reason. I may learn why I love that person later but sometimes I just don’t know. Does it mean that I love a person for sentimental reasons? Maybe. Or maybe there are reasons that my subconscious mind understands.
Now I’m in love again, for sentimental reasons, with Ryan Ross. Oh, it’s not actual love, just another obsession. After Brendon Urie, now Ryan Ross. I’m not sure when this fangirl phase will end. It is said that once you enter a fandom, you will find it difficult to go out.