Tips on Saving Money

I’m a bit of an impulsive buyer. However, recently my behaviour is turned down because a) I have come to my sense that I will not really need those things I want to buy, b) I have meager budget.

That leads me to an article “8 Simple Ways to Save Money” by Better Money Habits from Bank of America because I need to save money to support my impulsive shopping, right? (I don’t have the right motivation, sorry). Let’s review the tips.

1. Record your expenses: to be honest, I’m lazy to write expense record. However, as I recall my expenses, I spend so much money for food and makeup. Damn.

2. Make a budget: this sounds difficult but I may try.

3. Plan on saving money: I do plan on it, that’s why I read that article. However, I’m often tempted to use my saved money for something else that wasn’t intended at first.

4. Choose something to save for: I’ve mentioned my problem in point no. 3

5. Decide on your priorities: well… food is important. Okay, I’ll be more careful about spending money on food then.

6. Pick the right tool: I don’t intend to save my money for something big so…

7. Make saving automatic: on a side note, the saved money I talk about in no. 3 is not the money I save in bank. My money in bank is quite untouched since they’re for my need in far future.

8. Watch your savings grow: I’m ready for this.

So yeah, wish me luck on spending and saving my money better.

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