Remember Me for Centuries

The prompt is legend and I instantly think about the song “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy. Let’s just talk about that song and music video then.

The music video starts with a scene set in ancient Rome. A few seconds into the video, I had got the epic vibe then there was a lady in white gown with two lions behind her and some background done with annoying editing then I remembered that I was watching Fall Out Boy music video.

I like the lyrics to the song. It begins with “Some legends are told. Some turn to dust or to gold….” In the video we see a hooded man give stuff to each member of Fall Out Boy who are dressed in gladiator clothes. On a side note, they look so damn fine in such clothes.

There are some religious symbols in this video, I guess, like a crucified man, a lady with gown and veil surrounded by some people, and a man with mitre accompanied by three ladies. If anyone can explain that symbol, please leave me a comment. Thank you.

Next in the video, the boys fight a big man. Many people watch them including some from royalty. I adore the look of the beautiful lady who wears maroon dress with intricate pattern and pretty updo on her head (crown braid and bun).

Right when the lyrics come to “We’ve been here forever and here’s the frozen proof. I could scream forever. We are the poisoned youth,” the boys used the stuff given by the hooded man: rope, stone, and wrapping leather (?). They wrapped the stone in leather and tied it with rope. Pete then used it to attack the big man by doing hammer-throw style.

The boys win! After that the hooded man took of his hood and it is revealed that he has wings.

The video has open ending with the boys having to face another opponent.

If you have watched the video and you think I miss some details please tell me. Also, is the right phrase in this song “frozen proof”, “chosen fruit”, or “frozen fruit”?

One thought on “Remember Me for Centuries

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