(Internet) Friend of Different Belief

A while ago, I saw a picture in instagram. It’s a picture of Marissa Sitompul and Ria Ricis. In that picture, they pray before meal. They position their hands differently because they have different religions. On that picture, there is a text, “Sahabat, perbedaan yang membuat kita satu.” It means, “Friend, difference is what makes us one.” It’s a nice picture with good message. They praise the same God whom they call differently (some people may say they praise different gods) while still being friends.

I’m a muslim and my close girl friends in real life are all muslims. However, I have one good internet girl friend of different religion. Wait, no. She doesn’t even have religion. She’s an atheist.

I’ve known her for about 7 years. Our friendship is built on weird and sometimes deep conversation. After seeing that instagram picture, I decided to send her a screenshot. I felt strange doing that because we don’t usually send “cute thing”. 

Under the screenshot, I wrote to her, “That’s us? But you don’t pray, I don’t wear hijab, and I don’t lift my hands for prayer before meal. And we’re internet friends.”

At first she didn’t understand. After I explained about the message behind the picture, she said, “I am drinking cognac with pelmeni. And I didn’t lift my hands before the meal.”

I responded, “I don’t either. I drink tea with banana cake.”


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