My First Ship

In fandom, there is the term “ship”. This is where you want characters to have relationship. It doesn’t only happen in fiction fandom but also in music fandom. It happens in most fandoms, I guess (I say most because maybe there is a fandom that doesn’t have ship).

I don’t like shipping. I once wrote in my post “Confession of a Fanfic Reader” that I prefer friendship. 

However, one day, out of nowhere, I got a shipping idea. I didn’t even simply ship two fictional characters or such. I shipped an internet friend of mine with someone in one of my fandoms. For a few weeks, I searched in the internet for the right wedding dress and veil for the bride. I browsed wedding flowers and what kind of party they would have. I even came to the point where I imagined their wedding vow.

That imagination doesn’t come to my mind anymore. Maybe the wind blows the ship to somewhere faraway. A good place, I hope.

Still, I prefer friendship to romance.


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