Sanctuary in Warm Hug

Today’s prompt is sanctuary. Reading that word, my mind wasn’t directed to certain place but to warm hug. From that, I started to think that I read fanfic too often.

I don’t remember if I ever give warm hug. I usually just give casual hug or side hug. However, I like hug scene in fiction, be it friendly hug, brotherly hug, or romantic hug. It just seems warm and comfortable. Often, the character feels safe and protected while being hugged. That’s why I associate the word sanctuary with warm hug; because of fiction, or fanfic.
It is said that hug can increase oxytocin release. According to Marieb and Hoehn (2013), as neurotransmitter, oxytocin is involved in sexual and affectionate behaviour. It promotes nurturing, couple bonding, and trust.
What about reading hug scene? Do I experience oxytocin release while reading hug scene? If Does it mean that I’m affected in the matter of nurturing, couple bonding, and trust? It that’s true, it may explain our emotional bonding to fictional character.
On a side note, since oxytocin promotes trust, do not hug someone you don’t want to trust. Do not even imagine hugging a fictional character you don’t want to trust. Really, we can’t be sure about oxytocin and its magic.
Oxytocin acts as both hormone and neurotransmitter. As hormone, oxytocin is involved in uterine contraction (during labor) and milk ejection.
If you can explain more about oxytocin or if you think I make mistake in this post (or in any post), please let me know.

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