Slow Romantic Activity

Today’s prompt is “slowly“. I instantly think about romantic stuffs like slow dance and slow kiss. 

I’m not a fan of romance but still, I think those slow romantic activities sounds sweet, lovely, beautiful, etc. Although in some situation they make me cringe (sorry).

However, I don’t think I will be able to do any romantic thing slowly because I’m awkward and sometimes overly excited. It means that if I have romantic feeling on someone, I would either do nothing (to avoid awkwardness) or do something silly (because I can’t contain my excitement). That something silly includes me talking fast and trying hard not to grin too wide. 

My behaviour makes me wonder about some things. How can people dance slowly with their loved ones? You’re couple and you don’t hug and jump through the music? Even if the song is slow, you may want to jump a little? How can the bride in Western wedding walk down the aisle? It’s your wedding day, you’re getting married, you don’t want to run or jump? How can you kiss slo… Oh wait, I don’t even want to know about that now. 

Please be kind to answer my questions. This is for research (not really, I’m just curious).


11 thoughts on “Slow Romantic Activity

  1. I can identify with you. I’m a bit of the same way (in terms of the awkwardness). The people that are smooth, it is probably through practice of being smooth. They’ve built a way acting without worrying. If people like you or I give ourselves permission to fail and start doing more and thinking less we can probably become pretty smooth and free in our movement and actions as well. Peace, -Kurtis

  2. Walking slowly down the aisle is a Western tradition, then? How interesting. Every culture does things so differently. Anyway, for me, walking down that aisle helped to increase the anticipation. My eyes were glued to his, and his to mine. I don’t remember clearly, after 47 years of marriage, but I do remember glancing at my dad and seeing him set his jaw to prevent any show of emotion 🙂 I remember thinking the aisle was very long, when in fact it wasn’t long at all. I remember wondering if he thought I was pretty in my wedding gown, and if he was as excited as I was that this day had finally come. It’s kind of a long walk toward change, leaving one era of your life and entering another. I think it’s a lovely tradition.

    • Thank you for your response. So it’s about anticipation then? That’s nice. I agree that it’s a lovely tradition.
      Anyway, I’m Javanese and we walk slowly in wedding party, not in reception. I guess they may walk down the aisle in church wedding reception (I’ve never attended Javanese wedding reception in church). I may talk about it in another post. Thanks for giving me idea.

  3. I think it’s about feeling it to the fullest.
    I don’t know, I’m the one who hate doing things slowly, it just cracks me up hahaha

    Every people may have different approach to something romantic, like it’s not about doing it slowly or fast, it’s about getting the “right” thing that makes you blushing, trembling, and smiling unconditionally hehe

    • Hi, friend! Aw, so it’s about getting the “right” thing. However, I sometimes can’t help blushing and smiling. Like, I want to act calm but suddenly I see my crush. Nope, I can’t calm down. I blush, smile, and do silly things. I can’t even think about the “right” thing.
      It may be different if that person is actually in romantic relationship with me. I may still get over excitement, but with more control, or no.

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