Dress Shopping

“This dress looks funny,” you pointed a dress.

“Oh, that mermaid cut dress?”

“It’s called mermaid cut? Well, I want to try it.”

You hurried into dressing room before I could respond.

“Do I look like Ariel now?” You asked while posing.

“Hahaha… Yeah, but instead of trying to be human, you ask the prince to be merman.”

“That sounds like something you would do. Oh God, this dress is difficult to walk in,” you said.

“That’s a mermaid dress. Maybe you should swim instead?”

We wandered around the shop again. You tried on dress after dress while making some jokes (well, actually I made more jokes).

“You know, wearing these dresses makes me feel like a fairy tale character. Once I’m a mermaid, then I’m a princess with ball gown ready for masquerade, another time I’m a Greek goddess who blesses and curses anytime I want. I like them but I feel weird to wear them.”

“Maybe we can try to look for tea length dress. It may suit your carefree vibes better. I mean, you don’t have to wear long dress in your wedding,” I offer.

“Really? I’m allowed to do that? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I thought those white midi dresses are for bridesmaids.”

“I thought you knew. Have you ever read any wedding related stuff?” I asked in disbelief.

“Never. That’s part of your duty as bridesmaid.”

I facepalmed.


“Why isn’t there any bridal shop assistant in this fic?”

“Because it’s fiction (?) I want it that way.”


5 thoughts on “Dress Shopping

  1. A funny story! Haha. Thought it would have gone another direction, but it did give me a laugh. Blur you! XD

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