Sansa Stark and Girl’s Struggle

Game of Thrones season 6 is going to air soon. I’m a Game of Thrones completely internet fan. It means that I don’t watch the entire show and I don’t read the entire books either. I get information here and there from the internet and I can still call myself a fan, can’t I?

I’m curious about Sansa’s fate in season 6. Rumour says she will do good. I hope so because Sansa is my favourite character.

Why is Sansa my favourite character? Because, in my opinon, Sansa Stark is relatable. I guess every girl or woman, at some points in their life can relate to Sansa. There must be one time when a girl wants to speak up or put up a fight but hold herself because she remembers that “a lady’s armor is courtesy” so she put her armor of courtesy to protect herself, to keep herself alive. If you consider that a weakness, then you don’t understand. Some girls don’t have many choices and all they want is to be alive and safe, and safe can be defined in various ways.

I also adore Arya. Many times I want to fight like Arya but I remember that I don’t live in Westeros and I can’t stab people as I want. I don’t even know how to handle a sword. I think Sansa also wants to fight like Arya sometimes but she is aware that she can’t do that. 

After all, those Stark sisters show and remind me the struggle of being a girl.

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