Hyperventilating Fangirl

I like Panic! At The Disco but I don’t know all of their songs. Today was the first time I heard the song “She Had the World” and I loved it. The song was beautiful and I got teary eyes from the emotion. After that, I heard the part where Ryan sang and I made hyperventilating noise.

I didn’t really have difficulty in breathing when listening to Ryan Ross. It was just kind of habit. I don’t always like his voice but when his voice is damn fine (in my opinion), I make hyperventilating noise. I haven’t found out why. I know that some psychological condition like panic attack can cause real hyperventilation but I didn’t experience panic attack. I experience Panic! At The Disco attack. Are they the same thing? I don’t think so.

Idea for next research or whatever: cause of hyperventilation among fangirl. Anyone involved in fandom and interested in pulmonology? Here I’ve given you idea.


3 thoughts on “Hyperventilating Fangirl

    • I know, right! I google about psychological hyperventilation and Google show me panic attack and anxiety.
      I hope someday scientific field can be more fandom-friendly (what even is that?)

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