Z Berg’s Personal Narrative

A few days ago I opened Ryan Ross’ facebook page and scrolled a bit too far through it. Don’t ask me why I did that.

I found a post from 2014 about Z Berg’s EP. In the last paragraph, he said, “If I had to offer one piece of advice: Write a song that moves people, and write it from within yourself. Your personal narrative is more engaging and moving than anything else you can imagine in your mind. Z writes real, personal songs, and that’s why they’re as powerful as they are.”

I listened from soundcloud and my first impression was, I felt comfortable to listen to the songs, even before I understood the lyrics.

I like the song Charades. On a side note, when I read the word “charades” I felt familiar then I realised that my family car is Daihatsu Charade. Fine, then.

I searched for the lyrics and found them on Z Berg’s bandcamp. That moment, I understood what Ryan Ross meant with “real, personal songs.” The lyrics are honest but not brutal. They’re beautiful, delicate even. 

The lyrics for “Killing Time” song touched me. It talks about dysfunctional relationship (I guess) and instead of expressing direct anger or sadness, this song expresses a kind of frustration. It’s the feeling when your common sense tells you something is wrong but you convince yourself that it’s all right. What kind of feeling is that? This time, I still call that frustation, and it doesn’t only happen in relationship.

In some ways, I find the song “I Fall for the Same Face” funny. It reminds me of that time when I was a teenager and I was always attracted to guys who, have almost similar features. Even my friends could see which guy I would be interested in because it was quite predictable.

And that was how I found comfort in listening to a songwriter’s – as Ryan Ross said – personal narrative.


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