Talking about Fandom: That Moment When You Can’t Function

The prompt today is clarity. Why is the prompt “clarity” when I can’t think clearly now? 

My feeling is wrecked by an abandoned fanfic. Plus, the author abandoned it in an emotional part where the problem hadn’t been solved and now I’m flooded with affection toward the main character. How I want to hug him and tell him everything is all right and he is enough. It may sound silly but that’s what I feel now.

Have you ever felt that kind of emotion for someone you don’t even know in person? Fiction readers deal with that many times. Anyone involved in fandom deals with that.

However, not many people understand that feeling so that may be the reason why there is fandom community in internet. You can find it in the form of blog, discussion forum, pinterest board, instagram account, YouTube videos, or anything. It’s like a support group where fans share stories and understand each other.

Such community can either push you further into the depth of emotional valley or help you get up and face the real world. I experience both.

After a while, things will be better and I hope we can function again. We, fandom “residents” can always face both real and fictional world. We are strong enough.

One thought on “Talking about Fandom: That Moment When You Can’t Function

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