I Try Spotify

Daphne from Volume Up wrote a post “5 Ways to Discover Your New Favorite Band” and she suggested Spotify as her first recommendation.

There are two versions: free and premium. I try the free version (it’s called free version, right?). As far as I know, in premium version, there won’t be any advertisement in random time between songs. 

I chose only a few songs so the list doesn’t look overwhelming because I always have the urge to delete files when the folder is full but don’t know which file to delete.

I started with Panic! At The Disco (when will this fangirling phase be over?) and only chose maximum three songs from each album. Then I found the album Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and I thought, “I like all of them. I will feel guilty to leave any song out,” so I added all of them to the list. Of course I also put Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

I haven’t tried any songs in my “Discover” feature. There are so many of them and I still have many times to discover.

Instead, I tried the “Radio”, chose rock genre, and found a song called “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. I later found out that Buffalo Springfield was an old rock band. My mom’s influence, again.

As someone whose musical routine often depends on YouTube (yes, that’s me), I think Spotify is nice. It’s a music streamer so it doesn’t take too long time to load and listen to the music. Saying that makes me feel like I cheat on YouTube by the way.

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