Rambling about Marriage: What?

I took hours to write a draft about it but it didn’t turn up good so I just want to ramble here.

I’ve set my timer for 10 minutes. Here we go.

A close friend of mine has already had a serious conversation with her parents about marriage. She hasn’t got a husband-to-be so her parents told her to get one.

One day, my mom said, “You’ve finished your thesis. Soon you will be a co-assistant, then a doctor. After that, get married and give me grandchild(ren).” I answered, “Please don’t rush me into getting married soon.” She said, “All right, I won’t rush you. Just don’t take too long time.” What?

To be honest, I haven’t considered marriage seriously. I’m in early twenties and I want to get married when I’m 27 or 28. Why should I worry now? I have many things to worry about without even adding marriage to the list.

My age of choice is also a problem. Many people here think that 25 is ideal age for a woman to marry. That may be true for those people but for me, I won’t be ready to get married at the age of 25. I’m the one who will get married so I’m supposed to understand when I’m ready, aren’t I? However, some people think 27 or 28 is a little late. What?

I’ve rambled for 10 minutes now.

All right, 10 more minutes then.

My mom once told me, “When you have found the good man, just tell me.” I said, “Okay.”

Talking about man… Where should I start? Whatever, I’ll talk about my feeling instead. I have had crush multiple times. However, when I’m attracted to someone, I always have mixed feeling. Some parts of my mind want friendship, some other parts want relationship, the rest of the parts just don’t care. The parts that want friendship make 80% of the mixture. Even when I feel strong romantic feeling about someone, the 80% can always come and make me want friendship instead.

Maybe someday the mixture composition of that feeling changes when I found the right man. What?

Oh, by friendship, I mean that friendship where you are able to communicate easily, maybe even comfortable silence.

So, my time for rambling is up.

I hope I can find the right good man without, as my mother say, taking too long time.


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