Mom, This is Panic! At The Disco (This Post is not a Fanfiction)

Last Sunday, I told my mom about that song cover overload with Dika. I said, “Dika liked Bohemian Rhapsody but he didn’t want to open its version by Panic! At The Disco because he knew it’s my favourite. Then he shared a cover on facebook and his friend gave him link to Panic! At The Disco’s version. So, he opened it.” My mom laughed.
I added more stories, “I like Panic! At The Disco. Their songs are great and the so are the lyrics. Some of the lyrics sound more like short story to me. There is this song called ‘Build God then We’ll Talk’ which is about a motel with a hint of asbestos and formaldehyde. In that motel there is a lawyer and his wife. The lawyer has an affair but his wife chose to stay with him because she needs his money. See, mom? That sounds like a story. A novel, maybe.”
Don’t ask me why of all the songs by P!ATD, I chose to tell my mother about that one.
On Monday, I showed P!ATD’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody to my mom. She said, “This is great. His voice. It’s like the original. Wait, I’m curious about the reffrain.” Then the reffrain played and my mother liked it, “Wow, the guitarist is also good.” In my mind, I was like: yes, mom!
I then remembered that I had showed my mom the video of P!ATD perform “Build God then We’ll Talk” live in Denver. I told my mom, “This is that band who once used circus as their theme. Now the vocalist is shirtless (yes, I said this).” She answered, “Some artists like to perform shirtless on stage. You know Kaka, the vocalist of Slank? He’s almost always shirtless on stage, if I’m not mistaken.”
I thought to myself, “How do you even know that, Mom?” Then I remembered that my mom was the one who passed the genes of music preference to me.

5 thoughts on “Mom, This is Panic! At The Disco (This Post is not a Fanfiction)

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