The Day of My Thesis Exam

I realise that I’ve procrastinated too long to write this story. 

On March, 16th I presented my thesis in front of my examiners but there are more to recall.

In the morning, I checked my presentation slide and I thought it was inappropriate. It only consisted of 10 slides and it would have taken about 5 minutes to present. Too short. I then contacted Miss Perfume and she told me what to add. I ended up with 15 slides. Thanks, Miss Perfume.

I went by a car with my father and my cousin. My dad accompanied me to the meeting room. My cousin parked the car and went somewhere else. 

Now let me talk about the meeting room. So, every department in hospital has a meeting room. I had to present my thesis in meeting room of psychiatry department and, to be honest, I didn’t really  like the place. The place was small and there were many people. 

By the time I arrived in front of the meeting room, there was a lecture so I had to wait. I was a little excited and nervous so I put my headphones and played “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin in my phone. That song never fails to calm me down.

Then Lady Slytherin came. She had some conversation with my dad and gave me some tips. After that Miss Perfume came. So, four of us waited outside the meeting room. I couldn’t keep myself still so I danced to “Ready to Go” that was played in my head. Elsa came a little later after I started my presentation.

Then my exam started. I had 5 examiners but only 3 attend my presentation that day. My presentation went well. However, I couldn’t answer the question about molecular biology from my first examiner. Why??!! I need to work it out, I think. I also need to pay more attention to the “rules”, like word choice and font. I forgot to make some foreign words italic, duh.

Talking about word choice, my first counsellor told me to use the word “writer” instead of “we”, and “study” instead of “research”. He also told me to use my own words instead of rewrite someone’s words. I did use my own words. Well, I admit, I rewrote at some parts. All right, I’ll change that.

My second counsellor responded, “I’m sure that (my name) can write in her own words. She writes a lot in campus magazine and blog.” I couldn’t help but grin at his comment. My second counsellor was a friendly lecturer and he knew about this blog. I just didn’t expect him to mention this blog in a thesis exam. Thankfully, he didn’t share my blog address to the other two examiners.

Minutes later, my exam was over. I was relieved.

I still had to have exam with the other two examiners. I contacted them and they could examine me one day later.

In the night, I played “Mad as Rabbits” and “Behind the Sea” by Panic! At The Disco for a little celebration.

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