The Day Before Thesis Exam

On Wednesday, March 16th, I had thesis examination. It means that I presented my thesis in front of my counsellors and examiners. 

I stated in this blog that I didn’t really like public speaking. However, the day before my exam, I felt okay. In fact, I was excited to present my thesis, which was a surprising fact considering that 1) I would talk in front of people, 2) I would be asked questions about my thesis, 3) I would present my thesis in a meeting room in the hospital, a place that never made me comfortable.

That day, I made power point presentation and read my thesis again. Yes, I know it was late. I procrastinated too much. 

Also, my dad caught me watching Brendon Urie video again. He said, “Prepare for your presentation. Stop playing around!” Why does my dad always catch me watching Brendon Urie?

Talking about Brendon Urie, I was careful to choose what songs I listened to that day. I didn’t listen to “Build God, then We’ll Talk” no matter how tempting it was. I didn’t listen to “Northern Downpour” either because I could get strange feeling from it. I even held myself from listening to My Chemical Romance because their songs might evoke various emotion and hit me right in the “feel”. 

So I decided to listen to Nine in the Afternoon, Ready to Go, and Always. All by Panic! At the Disco. Duh.

I also had a chat with Dika and he said, “Good luck. You can read fanfics first!” And strangely, I did. I read some fanfics that day. 

My state of being not nervous worried me. I started to think that I might take it too easy. I told another friend that I didn’t feel nervous and I didn’t really care if I couldn’t answer the question. I told him that I didn’t know whether it was good or bad sign. He said, “It may be a good sign but you not caring somehow sounds badass.” I laughed at his response.

I slept well that night. Still not worried about my exam.

2 thoughts on “The Day Before Thesis Exam

  1. On the day of my thesis exam, I went took my PP slides, my mp3 player (coincidently I was listening to a lot of Panic! At the disco when I wrote my thesis) and went to the beach. It was the only way to relax my mind.

    • Whoa, I didn’t expect to meet someone who listened to Panic! At The Disco in the same condition as I was. Yeah, we need to relax our mind for a while before presenting the thesis.

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