Just Like When I was a Kid

When I was in primary school, I often asked my mom, “Mom, if I get good grades, please buy me Detective Conan comics or Harry Potter novel.” I always got good grades so my mom always bought me the comics and novels. 

I still asked my mom to buy me comics and novels when I was in middle school. I still got good grades so she didn’t mind.

I was in high school and I still got good grades but my mom mainly bought me books to prepare for my final exams and university entrance. One day in a bookstore, I asked for a Detective Conan comic and she said, “No. Why would you spend such amount of money to buy a comic that you can quickly finish?” I understood that, considering how much money she spent for the other books. 

Then I become a medical student and I didn’t ask my mom to buy me fiction books or comics anymore. I bought fiction books using the money I saved. Beside, I can no longer promise her for good grades. Living with less fiction books is fine, but at some points I feel wrong. I’m incomplete.

People may ask, “Why don’t you just borrow books?” I answer, ” I do borrow books but still, borrowing and owning are different.”

I will present my thesis on Wednesday, March 16th. The child inside me showed up again a while ago. I asked my mom, “Mom, after I finish presenting my thesis, would you please buy me some comics and novels? You know, just like when I was a kid?” She said, “All right, I will let you buy comics and novels that you want.” I was so happy to hear that.

7 thoughts on “Just Like When I was a Kid

    • The discount in book fair is not that large and sometimes when a stores give large discount, I can’t find the books that I like.
      Fortunately, I have found a bookstore that sells cheap good secondhand books.

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