On Fandom and Beauty

I read the 133rd episode of webtoon comic “Family over Flower”. That’s the link for Indonesian version. I don’t know whether the English version is available. 

In that episode, the headmaster said, “Kecantikan itu seperti pedang bermata dua. Orang yang melihatnya akan merasakan kebahagiaan tiada batas, tapi bila terlalu terjebak di dalamnya, jantung pun tidak akan tahan.” In English, I translate it as, “Beauty is like double-edged sword. People who see it will feel infinite happiness, but if they’re trapped inside, their hearts can’t handle it.”

Wait, what?

That’s how I feel when I have my fangirl moment over fiction or band. I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it seems that my heart can’t handle so much feeling.

I guess fandom can also mean beauty.


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