I Will Miss Family, Friends, Food, etc

Let me respond to today’s prompt before I actually study (duh). 

If I go to Mars and never return, I will both miss Earth and be happy to leave it. 

I will miss my family and close friends, unless they go with me to Mars. I will miss the food on Earth and I’m not sure that we can cook well on Mars. The bookstores and books will surely be missed so I think if I ever go to Mars, I will bring many books. I also think that I will miss cats so I hope the cats on Mars are just as interesting as Earth’s cats. Beside, considering that I spend a lot of time in the internet, I hope as soon as I arrive at Mars, I can create super internet technology so I can see find out what happens on Earth and share what happens on Mars.

However, there are things from Earth that I will be happy to leave, annoying people for example. There are so many of them and sometimes I feel frustrated that I can’t get rid of them. Those people, and crowd. I don’t like crowd.

Since I don’t plan on leaving the Earth soon, I guess I just have to cherish every moment on Earth and deal with the bad things.

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