His Name is Brendon Urie, Dad (This Post is not a Fanfiction)

I put the disclaimer in the title. Why would I mention fanfiction? Because it sounds like fanfiction title to me. 

Today I watched Brendon Urie on YouTube then my father came behind me and asked, “Who is that?” I was shocked because I was actually supposed to write my draft for scientific journal or to study for comprehensive exam, yet I watched Brendon Urie talk. I answered nervously, “His name is Brendon Urie, Dad.” I thought my father would tell me that I should stop watching videos but instead he said, “He looks like your aunt’s friend, but with glasses (in the video, Brendon Urie wore glasses). I just wondered why my daughter looked at her aunt’s friend in the internet. Really, they look so similar.” My response was like, “Huh?” And my father continued his story, “That friend of your aunt wanted to marry her but your aunt rejected him.” I just said, “Whoa, really?”

So, today I found out that my aunt almost married a pseudo Brendon Urie. I also learned that I should be more careful when searching, reading, or watching random things in the internet or my parents would find out (naughty kid mode: on). Well, Brendon Urie video is not so random compared to other things I sometimes find in the internet, both intentionally or accidentally.

Now it’s time to do what I’m supposed to do: studying, in Saturday night, with no snack to accompany me. How sad, but Brendon Urie says, “Smile even though you’re sad.


5 thoughts on “His Name is Brendon Urie, Dad (This Post is not a Fanfiction)

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