Two, One, or Four

A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue – in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?

I would say, two, one, or four.

I have some close friends but best conversations with them happen when there are only two people. We can share our unique -and sometimes crazy- thought. Beside, I have the chance to know my friend better. I also have specific topics that I can only speak to certain people.

One person conversation is something I often do myself. Usually when no one is around, I make a dialogue in my mind and sometimes I speak it. I even talk to myself in youtuber style, sometimes Dan, sometimes Carrie, but never Phil. I don’t know why but in my opinion, it’s difficult to speak in Phil Lester’s style. 

When I say four, it means that four is the maximum number of people needed for good conversation. So, three or four is okay for me, especially if the four people involved are Lady Slytherin, Elsa, Miss Perfume, and me. Our conversation often goes like this

Elsa: “You must know something.”

Miss Perfume and me: “What?”

Lady Slytherin: (acting cool)

Elsa: “Yesterday (a friend’s name) told me that (someone’s name) did this and that. Can you imagine that? That’s crazy etc etc.”

Then the discussion begins.

There were also times when we think that Elsa’s news is plain and the conversation goes like this

Elsa: “Hey, I have a story.”
Miss Perfume and me: “What?”

Lady Slytherin: (acting cool)

Elsa: “Yesterday (a friend’s name) told me that (someone’s name) did this and that. …”

Lady Slytherin: “Just that? You’re annoying. I have better story.”

Sometime Miss Perfume and I start the conversation but I will keep that for other posts.

As for more than four people conversation, I can handle that just fine but that’s not an ideal conversation for me. 


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