This is Awkward

The latest daily post is entitled “Pat on the Back“. It says, “Tell someone you are proud of just how proud you are.” What a prompt!

In real life I’m a reserved and concealed person. That makes this prompt difficult because it’s not something I usually say to someone I know in real life.

This post may be cheesy, cliché, or cringeworthy but I have to write anyway. I write it for my friend who is currently struggling with things I’d rather not say.

Hey you, who struggles with so many things

I haven’t told you this but let me tell you in this post. I’m proud of you. You just don’t realise how great it feels to talk to you. You’re smart and willing to learn anything. You’re brave to admit your feeling and speak your mind without being a jerk, even when your idea is not the popular one.

Really, you also should be proud of yourself.


Your fellow fighter

How I wish I could tell my friend about this without feeling awkward.


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