What I Know about Reincarnation

I check the daily prompt and the prompt for today is about reincarnation.

I myself don’t believe in reincarnation but I find it interesting so let me talk about it.

What I know about reincarnation is, after the soul leave its body, it will return to life, but in different body. The new body doesn’t always take form of human body. It can be animal. I remember reading “The Geography of Bliss” by Eric Weiner and in a chapter about Bhutan, there was a story of a Buddhist that didn’t want to harm animal because that animal could be his mother in another life. 
However, that belief in reincarnation has different result for someone else. My grandma once told me that he knew a man who follow Pangestu, or Kejawen faith. The man believed in reincarnation and he said that when people ate meat, it meant that they help a soul complete its reincarnation phase. 
Human is not the only being who is believed to experience reincarnation. It is said that the god Wisnu and Shesha the nagaraja also experience reincarnation. Wisnu was reborn as Rama and Krishna. While Shesha was reborn as Laksmana and Baladewa (or Balarama).
So, what do you think and know about reincarnation? If you find something wrong in my writing, please let me know.

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