Exam is Closer

Today’s daily prompt is to ask someone else to give blog prompt. I asked Elsa and she said, “The comprehensive exam that is getting closer”. I regret my decision of asking her.

Considering that I haven’t finished my thesis, I can just go crazy if I also think about my comprehensive exam. What is comprehensive exam? In my medical school, we take comprehensive exam after years of pre clinical phase as a condition to enter clinical phase. Before taking comprehensive exam, a student must have passed all credits needed and finished the thesis and the editing.
The first comprehensive exam in this year will be held on March, 13th. I guess even if I can’t take the exam on March, I can take it another time on June, if I’m not mistaken. It would be better to take it on June since I will be more prepared.
Beside, there is something more important that I should pay attention: my sleep.

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