Not a Proper Critique

Today’s daily prompt says, “Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.”

I have problem with that prompt since I don’t have specific subject I usually blog about. I don’t read a lot of music critique and I don’t “understand” music either. Let me try anyway.

In my opinion, good music should not only make the listeners admire it but also affect their feeling. Good music should make connection with the listeners. That opinion can also explain why I listen My Chemical Romance more often than I do Deep Purple (sorry, mom). Objectively, I can say that Deep Purple is amazing, both in music and lyrics; better than My Chemical Romance. However, I feel more connected to My Chemical Romance. My mother, on the other hand, likes Deep Purple because she grew up listening to classic rock and I understand that she feels more related to Deep Purple. She even listened to Deep Purple during pregnancy. Fetus me listened to Deep Purple!!  

That can also be applied to any art work: dance, painting, anything. I enjoy watching Marianela Núñez dancing as Kitri because she makes me feel the free spirit, and Polina Semionova as Odile because I can feel her seduction.

As for this blog, actually I intended to focus on medical school but as time goes by, it becomes a documentary of my thought process, my problem and how I cope with it. I still remember my first post in this blog. It was about envy. I wrote that because at that time, I compared myself to people and I envied them because I thought I achieved less than them. 

There are still so many things to improve in this blog: content, the writing in general, vocabulary, and tone. However, I can’t make a proper critique for the subject of my blog since I write about various things. Also, I can always feel connected with this blog (of course!) so this blog is always good for me.

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