I was Fine until I Enter the Jungle

I’m not comfortable in front of people. Never. 

When I was at school, public speaking was not a big problem. I could present a subject or tell a story in front of class quite easily. I even joined speech or story telling contests.  

Since I become medical student, my self confidence decreases. Public speaking is scary now. I don’t know why. Perhaps because being medical student, I’m taught to do everything correctly and properly so I’m afraid of making mistake. Thus, I become more self conscious.

What actually causes stage fright? I watch TED-Ed video that explains it. The video says that we humans perceive public speaking as a threat for our reputation. That perception is a reaction from fight-or-flight response. Fight-or-flight response is a primitive reaction that occurs in dangerous situation so you can decide whether to flight and save your life or fight to death. In short, it’s just a public speaking, but our primitive mind consider it life-threatening.

I guess my brain perceives medical school as a jungle with beasts and monsters in it. Thanks medical school, you succesfully activate my primitive mind, a little bit too much. Now teach me to be the strongest beast.

6 thoughts on “I was Fine until I Enter the Jungle

  1. I can’t really relate to this because I never had this problem. Honestly, I’m not fond of public speaking but if I have to do it, it’s no problem for me.

    Perhaps I learned very early in life to stop giving a damn of what people think or say, and just do my things and be myself.

    Well, you need to consider a bit on how people would perceive you, after all, humans are social creatures so it’s not advisable to completely block all the people around us. However, if you care too much on people’s opinions and expectations, it would actually become one of your greatest hindrances to just be “you”.

    Just believe in yourself and be yourself and confidence would surly follow.

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