Three Narrators (or Four in the Future)

Today’s daily prompt is, “Your blog is about to be recorded into audiobook. If you could choose anyone – from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson – to narrate your posts, who would it be?”

Never in my life have I considered my blog becoming audiobook. If we talk about speaking voice, I like Lisa Eldridge. Her voice is calming and I always enjoy listening to her talking while applying makeup. However, I think Lisa Eldridge voice doesn’t match my blog content so I choose Dan Howell, Phil Lester, and Carrie Hope Fletcher

I choose them because my blog posts are mostly written in English. Dan, Phil, and Carrie are my role model in speaking English. I admit that I sometimes copy their way of speech when I talk in English discussion forum. I guess Carrie can narrate my Harry Potter, Disney, book, and music related posts. Phil will narrate my happy posts while Dan my “trying to be cool and sarcastic” posts. 

And maybe one day when my blog change the style (who knows?) to ladylike and classy blog, I can have Lisa Eldridge narrate it.

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