Things to Remember When You’re Sexually Assaulted

I haven’t posted for a long time and I haven’t finished my undergraduate thesis. In this post, I won’t talk about my thesis. I want to talk about another important issue: sexual assault.

I have been sexually assault twice. Those weren’t rape but unwanted sexual touching. Sure I wasn’t raped but I can still feel the mental trauma. And if you experience sexual assault, these are things to remember.

1. It’s not your clothes’ fault

Some people say that sexual assault is also the victim’s fault for wearing revealing clothes. Really? The last time I got sexually assaulted, I wore trousers, long sleeved shirt, and a jacket zipped up to my neck. Now should I blame my jacket? To make it fair, if we tell girls and women to dress modestly, we must also remember to tell boys and men to respect girls and women.

2. You can’t blame yourself for not knowing how to react

When someone is sexually assaulted, they’re shocked. Worse, they may not react properly. I used to blame myself for that. I thought, “Why didn’t I scream? Why didn’t I just hit and run?” However, the truth is, sometimes we just can’t react.

3. It’s not your fault

Sexual assault is a crime, just like robbery. When there is robbery, can we blame the victim because they have a valuable things so they’re robbed? No. It goes the same with sexual assault. We can’t blame the victim.

4. Don’t be afraid to tell someone 

I know some victims feel ashamed to tell about their experience. I tell you something, it’s not you who should feel ashamed. It’s the person who assault that should feel ashamed because they do such crime. Also, remember that if you don’t tell someone, there may be more victims in the future.

Are there more things that should be remembered by sexual assault victims?


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