36 Questions to Fall in Love

A while ago I watched a BuzzFeed video entitled “Falling In Love As A Grown-Up – Real Mature Ep. 1“. In that video we see Zach tried the 36 questions to fall in love, with three different people. I sent the link to Lady Slytherin.
You can search the 36 questions in the internet. The idea is, there should be two people talk about the questions and their answer. After the conversation, they can fall in love. In my opinion, the questions aren’t supposed to make you fall in love. It’s supposed to make you open up more and know each other better.
Yesterday, I visit Lady Slytherin’s boarding house and we tried the 36 questions. We had a good laugh while answering the questions. We did have deep conversation while answering some of the questions. However, there are some questions that made us tease each other. 
I had fun answering the 36 questions because I did it with my close friend. We usually comfortable with each other. I can’t imagine if I were in Zach’s position in the video. He had to answer the question with the girls who isn’t his close friends. If I had to answer the questions with, let’s say, my crush or any of the guy I know, I would be awkward. I would carefully choose my words since I’m sometimes afraid if people think I’m rude.
I then think that the 36 questions are also meant to find out whether someone makes you feel comfortable. Thus, you know if he or she is the right person to fall in love with.

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