Realisation before Crush

How do you call the moment when you almost have crush on someone but then you realise you can’t be together?

5 thoughts on “Realisation before Crush

    • That’s a nice word: soulcrushing 🙂
      I just know it (duh). Well, he told me this and that and then I realised that I couldn’t have crush on him. However, if I “listen to my heart”, I still have a crush on him but logically I can’t.

      • Are you sure you just know it? Sometimes you think things can’t work out, while they can. And sometimes you think they cannot work, because you are afraid.
        Are you really sure it cannot work out, hundred percent sure?
        And I would tell you to not listen to your heart, because my experience with my own heart, well… my heart is a bit of a stubborn organ. It never listens and always screams, ignoring it is very difficult. So I would just try to wait it out. Hopefully, your heart will grow tired and you will lose the crush.

      • Not one hundred percent sure but more than fifty percent.
        I learn when to listen or to ignore “my heart”.
        By the way, I know how it feels when I can’t ignore “my heart”.

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