Frustrating Crush

I often read my friends’ facebook status that said thing such, “I’m still single because I have crush on anime character.” Everytime I read that kind of status I was like, “Duh.” I’ve watched cartoons and been interested in some characters but I haven’t had crush on any of them.

Then I read Girls of the Wild’s and I have a crush on Li Mi Nam. He’s a high school student and a boxer. 

This crush makes me frustrated because:

1. he’s fictional

2. he’s a comic character so it’s not even possible to meet the actor in real life

3. he’s not the main character so I can’t see him often

4. I can’t find many fanfictions which include Li Mi Nam (yes, I like fanfiction)

It’s not that I want to date Mi Nam. It’s just …. I can’t even explain.

Anyway, if you like Korean manhwa and martial art, I suggest you to read Girls of the Wild’s.

p.s. I don’t know Korean so I don’t know the proper transliteration of Mi Nam’s name. Is it Li Mi Nam? Or Lee Mi Nam? Or else? 


8 thoughts on “Frustrating Crush

  1. hahaha i feel the same for either book characters, movie/tv characters, and anime/manga characters every now and then. and i would tell myself “i should name one of my kids this or that”. i told my partner “i’m gonna name our kid quatre or trowa (after gundam wing)” and he speaks french and he’s like “why three and four?” hahaha

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