My Handbags

Several days ago, I was about to go out and I carried my white sling bag. My mother noticed that and said, “Why do you carry that bag? It’s already dull. It’s dirty. Why don’t you carry the green one?”

I said, “The green one is not big enough.”

“Then you should use your backpack,” she told me.

I ended up carrying my backpack.

Talking about bag, I always choose a long lasting and big backpack for school. Appearance doesn’t matter. I like dark or dull coloured backpack since if it get dirty, it won’t look so dirty easily. However, I like pretty handbags.

The picture below is the white bag I first carried.

My mother bought it for me long time ago. The bag is made by knotting technique called macrame. Let’s have a closer look. 

The green bag my mother mentioned is another macrame bag. It looks like this:

Closer look:

Yesterday, on Saturday night, my mother took me to Ngarsopuro night market. She said, “We need to buy a new bag and some T-shirts for you.”

At first, we saw a stand of canvas tote bags. They looked good but we needed a big bag so we continued walking.

Then we found a stand of handbags and I bought the biggest one.

That bag is made of zipper. If you look closer, you will see….

I then told my mother that I also wanted the canvas tote bag so she bought me one. Hooray!

I really like the owl painted on the bag. It’s fierce yet colourful.

Anyway, I’ve just found out that there are many kinds of handbag. You can read the wikipedia article


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