Book Hunting with Book Mate

I wanted to post this on Friday but my internet connection was poor so I couldn’t.

Last Friday, my book mate asked, “Is there any imported book Togamas bookstore?” I said, “I don’t know. But if you want imported books, I know a store that sells used imported books.” 

We then went to the store and spent hours there. She found many interested novel but ended up buying nothing. She actually wanted to buy a novel by Nicholas Sparks but she didn’t buy because the paper was not in good condition. I bought a book talking about pants (of all the books in the store!!). The book contains stories we know such as Trojan Horse but it adds annoying story about pants. It really is annoyingly funny.

We then went to my home to pray and take a rest. After that, we visited a library. The library was quite famous among bookworms in Solo and it was our first time going there. Arriving there, we gasped. We were overwhelmed. We were excited that we considered living in the library to spend our time reading all of the interesting books. Again, we spent hours with the books.

My friend borrowed four books (crazy bookworm she is). I didn’t borrow anything. I guess I will just come back again since the library isn’t so far from my home.

Note: I call my friend in this post “book mate” because we often talk about the book we read or we want to read. We don’t always like the same book. We just love to read.


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