Waiting for the Announcement

I haven’t found out who my thesis first counsellor and first examiner are.

Let me explain first.
When a student create undergraduate thesis, there will be first counsellor, first examiner, second counsellor, and second examiner. The student will consult about thesis with the counsellors. Once the thesis is finished, the student will make a presentation and get asked by the examiners. 
In my campus, the first counsellor and the first examiner aren’t chosen by the student. A department will announce who will be first counsellor and first examiners.
Parasitology, dentistry, and community health department have released the announcement. It means that my three friends: Lady Slytherin, Elsa, and Miss Perfume have found out who they will consult their thesis with and who will ask them questions and score them.
Psychiatry department hasn’t. I still have to wait.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell about second counsellor and second examiner. Usually the student come to lecturers and ask whether they can be the second counsellor and second examiner. However, I haven’t asked any lecturer yet because I’d better consult with my first counsellor first.

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